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ThinkOpenMind specialising in Education and Training consultancy, we provide education and training support to businesses, governments, corporations, universities and individual students. 

Established in 2013, with a team that particularly strong in education and training management and managing individual students who are studying in the UK. We continue to expand our presence in Indonesia and our partnerships with internationally recognised institutions in UK, Australia and US. 

​We are commited to provide high quality, professional, and innovative services to our corporate clients, individual students, and partner institutions.

Knowledge and Expertise
Experiences in international education organisations, managing student
recruitment, exhibitions, training and higher education programmes in Indonesia for universities and institutions from abroad. 

Customised Services
Specialise and customised services based on the needs of our corporate and individual clients. We offer a wide range of services and programmes related to Education, Training and Skills Development.

Local Network
Good network with schools (international and national) and universities in major cities in Indonesia.

Partner Institutions
Internationally recognised partner institution abroad.


Andrias Soesilo

​Managing Director 

E: andrias@thinkopenmind.com 

Frits Soejoedi
Corporate Training Advisor

E: info@thinkopenmind.com

Vida Mariyolene

Student Services and Visa Application

E: vida.mariyolene@thinkopenmind.com


Risti Azalia Naomi

Education Consultant

E: ristinaomi@thinkopenmind.com